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Off The Edge Gardening - Treacle

Blog by Gill Heavens 1st July 2015

My morning was spent extracting couch grass from L&L’s geranium border.  Unlike yesterday there was little sun, just thick and heavy air with the occasional teasing drop of lukewarm rain.   It was like running in treacle.  Although the weather made it rather a gruelling task, I was reinvigorated by “all you could drink” Mexican Lime cordial, the speciality of the house.  The afternoon saw me driving down lanes, past the historic Great Field of Braunton with its swan strewn dykes and flatland views out to the Burrows beyond.  Then back again, avoiding the wobbling cyclists and slowing down just enough to make it fun over the humpback bridges.  I was looking for Atlantic Botanic, the new kid in horti town.  Just as I was about to swallow my pride and call the number on their flyer I saw the sign.  I had arrived at a brand spanking new nursery.  It was definitely worth the diversion, actually the diversion was worth the diversion this is very special countryside.  I was welcomed warmly to the AB bosom by owners Kay and Al (unusually these are their real names).  We toured the tunnels and the plant sales, and yes dear reader I did dribble.  Then the weather split open, the pending storm broke and we were blessed by a tremendous thunderstorm.  Diving into the last polytunnel to escape the deluge, I was delighted to find hammocks and a swimming pool (allegedly for their two small children but I have my doubts) amongst the peach trees, aubergines and passion flowers.  There were lots of lovelies for sale including this  which, although tempted, I didn’t buy.  I did get a couple of things though …… surely you didn’t think I managed to resist!  Check out their website and try to guess what I succumbed to http://www.atlanticbotanic.co.uk